ILC-BR is a think tank active in strategic issues relating to longevity and population ageing.

Our areas of action are:

  • Advocacy for the full citizenship rights of older persons in all settings.
  • Close liaison with international networks and inter-governmental agencies.
  • Constant updating of best practice on ageing policy from the national and international experience.
  • Awareness-raising on ageing issues across all sectors.
  • Act as a main reference on ageing issues to national and international media. 
  • Implementation of qualitative studies to promote innovation.
  • Development of community-based initiatives.
  • Orientation and supervision of national and international “Age-friendly City” projects.
  • Conceptually framing Age-friendly approaches and design in multiple settings.
  • Participation in international collaborative studies.
  • Organization of International Longevity Forum, congresses and seminars.
  • Supporting public and private entities developing activities, services or products for older persons.
  • Communicating a proactive age-friendly message in Portuguese, English, Spanish and German in a wide range of international and national forums.

Key themes: longevity revolution; age-friendly societies and cities; active ageing; resilience; empowerment; protagonism of older persons; housing and habitat; age-friendly business and tourism; culture of care; LGBT and gender; life course; older persons’ rights; global ageing; ageing on the international agenda.



  1. Annual Activity Report 2012
  2. Annual Activity Report 2013
  3. Annual Activity Report 2014
  4. Annual Activity Report 2015
  5. Annual Activity Report 2016
  6. Annual Activity Report 2017 (in Portuguese)