Age-friendly Hospital

Age-friendly Hospital

On March 7th and 8th, Alexandre Kalache and Ina Voelcker returned to the town Veranópolis in the South of Brazil, which under guidance of ILC-BR became member of the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities in 2016. This time to launch a new initiative: the Age-friendly Hospital.

Turning the Hospital’s services more age-friendly is one of the recommendations of the bottom-up research undertaken in the context of the age-friendly cities project in 2016. The project has been developed based on the Active Ageing Framework, WHO’s work on age-friendly primary health care and age-friendly cities and is following a similar model implemented at state level in São Paulo.

The local hospital (Hospital São Peregrino Lazziozi) had submitted a proposal, elaborated by ILC-BR, to the Municipal Council for Older Persons, who managed to obtain funds from a national energy provider (CPFL Energia), who donates part of its taxes via its Institute. This is the third year in a row that CPFL Energia supports the Council for Older People in Veranópolis.

In the evening of March 7th, the project was launched with a presentation by Alexandre Kalache who responded to the question of why developing “age-friendly” initiatives. His keynote was followed by a presentation of Dr. Cláudia Fló, President of the Gerontology Department of the Brazilian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics and coordinator of the Age-Friendly Hospital programme in São Paulo. On March 8th, a workshop with key staff was held in order to plan the project’s activities, also based on the experiences from other hospitals in São Paulo.


Photo: Hospital São Peregrino Lazziozi