Aging 2.0 Americas Summit in Toronto

Aging 2.0 Americas Summit in Toronto

On June 21st, our technical director, Ina Voelcker participated in the Americas Summit of Aging2.0 in Toronto. The Summit brought together a group of ageing experts, start-ups and investors and was organized by Aging 2.0, its Toronto Chapter, led by Azi Boloorchi of Revera and took place in the offices of Goodmans, a law firm who launched SenbridGe, a division focusing on healthcare and ageing.

One of the two panels was about livable communities and brought a more holistic vision, beyond the dominating focus on residential care and assisted living, to the discussions. Ina Voelcker questionned to which extent these innovations will be accessible to more disadvantaged groups of society and recommended that investments have to go beyond living arrangements for older people. There should also be a focus, for example, on ways to challenge existing behaviours and attitudes in order to make communities more age-friendly. Stephen Johnston, the founder and CEO of Aging 2.0, thanked the participants of the panel for reminding the audience that “aging is about more than assisted living”.

The start-ups who presented to this panel are: BeFine (São Paulo), Steadiwear Inc. (Canada), K4Connect (USA) and CarePredict, Inc. (USA). See a summary of each start-up below.

The second panel of the day was about cognitive health and counted on the participation of Bill Jarvis, Resident Innovation Ambassador of Revera who shared his vision as a potential user of these innovative solutions. Towards the end of the Summit, Adam Blinik, Director of Public Policy and Communication of Uber spoke about the future of urban mobility and the potential of Uber to contribute to better quality of life among older people.

Summary of the start-ups of the panel on “Livable communities”:

Steadiwear, CA;
Steadiwear Inc. developed the Steadiglove, a lightweight, compact and battery-free stabilizing glove that intelligently reduces tremors. It allows users to go about their daily activities with less frustration, enabling them to go about their daily activities comfortably, easily and with greater independence.

BeFine, Brazil;
BeFine’s platform connects seniors with high quality, certified and vetted caregivers through an online marketplace. Using technology, BeFine expands the offering of quality care services for seniors.

K4Connect, US;
K4Connect creates solutions serving older adults and those living with disabilities by integrating the latest hardware technologies and software offerings into a single easy-to-use application. K4Connect makes lives simpler, healthier and happier, while providing operators the tools and analytics necessary to provide the best in care, hospitality and operations.

CarePredict, US;
CarePredict provides actionable insights for care staff and management, and peace of mind for seniors and their loves ones. The company is focused on identifying patterns in the daily lives of seniors to predict declines in their health and enable early intervention. CarePredict minimizes reliance on human observation in the care of seniors using machine sensing and learning.