Contribution to 3rd Edition of the Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine

This month the Oxford University Press published the 3rd edition of the Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine. This edition is edited by Jean-Pierre Michel, B. Lynn Beattie, Finbarr C. Martin, and Jeremy D. Walston and counts on a contribution of our Technical Director, Ina Voelcker and our President, Alexandre Kalache. Their chapter is entitled “Empowerment of the ageing population: a contribution to active ageing”.

Abstract: Empowerment is fundamental to release the potential generated by the longevity revolution and to actualize the concept of active ageing. It is a key component in the promotion and maintenance of health, the fostering of lifelong learning and social participation, as well as in the safeguarding of protection until the end of life. The definition of empowerment becomes more complex in the context of increasing numbers of the very old, with its frequent association with dementia and limited functional capacity. Active ageing highlights that ageing is a lifelong process firmly rooted in the ideas of health prevention and health promotion. Implicit to it, is the view that actions at both the personal and the public policy level are essential to optimize opportunities for people as they age.

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