Mobility in older age

On Saturday March 10th, the weekly TV Programme “Como Será?” covered the topic of mobility in older age. Dr. Alexandre Kalache was invited into the studio as an expert on ageing together with an architect, an advocate for older people’s rights, somebody who turned his home more accessible for his mother and an older person who shared her insights on being mobile in a huge city like São Paulo.

The TV programme also featured a special report on Veranópolis, a small town in the South of Brazil, which in 2016 became member of the Global Network of Age-friendly Communities and Cities of the World Health Organization. The work in Veranópolis is technically supported by ILC-BR and based on 20 years of longitudinal research on ageing, initiated by Prof. Dr. Emílio Moriguchi, one of the country’s most well-known geriatricians.

Access the full programme on mobility in older age.