6th International Longevity Forum

The International Longevity Centre Brazil (ILC-BR) in collaboration with Bradesco Seguros (Brazil’s largest insurance company) and other partners has hosted the International Longevity Forum in Rio de Janeiro each year since 2013. Previous events were focused on “creating a culture of care in response to the longevity revolution” (2013); “gender and ageing” (2014); “age-friendly approaches” (2015), “age-friendly design and technology” (2016) and “building resilience across the life course” (2017), all of which produced widely-disseminated outcome documents.

The 6th International Longevity Forum will focus on Designing the future of ageing. The Forum will be an opportunity to discuss technological developments and other achievements in science and to examine how these advancements will influence the future for individuals, communities and society. The aim is also to examine the interplay between these changes and population ageing in academia, media, business, government and the non-governmental sector.

The disruptions resulting from rapid change open new opportunities but also substantial risks, e.g. in relation to ethics, sustainable economies and inequalities. International and national speakers will present their research, experience and reflections with particular attention to trends that will shape our future and how these can be utilized to strengthen physical, social and mental well-being throughout the life course – in a more equitable manner.

It will take place on November 22 and 23 and be held in Rio de Janeiro. Free registration via Eventbrite. For more information in English please contact us via info@ilcbrazil.org.